About Us

We can all agree that as Christians, the bible instructs us to share the gospel but we are often too scared to talk about Jesus. It is our destiny to shine the light of the gospel in a culture that is predominantly anti-Christ. This is where Victorian Apparel comes in. Victorian Apparel was birthed from the desire to help and equip more believers to be bold about their faith. We know it is hard to start conversations about Jesus, but not only can your clothing make a statement, it can also help you start conversations with those around you.

There is just something about wearing what you believe in. It empowers and emboldens you to be fearless! And this is what Victorian Apparel is all about. We want to empower as many to be fearless for the gospel.

Grab an apparel here and let us help you share the gospel through your clothing.


To encourage you to be a fearless ambassador for Christ.